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Lawyer- Rockland

Marie-Josée Gauthier B., Sc., Soc., LL.B.


Marie-Josée Gauthier obtained her diploma from the University of Ottawa in 1993 and has been practicing law since 1995. Her specialties are Family Law, Wills and Estates and Residential Real Estate.


Since 2000, Marie-Josée has been representing children following her appointment by the Office of the Children's Lawyer. In 2010-2011 she was vice-president of United Way, a non-profit organization.


She also volunteered her time for a women's abuse shelter, Interlude House, for 13 years.  In light of this involvement with the shelter, Marie-Josée understands better the issues facing domestic abuse victims when they separate.


Academically, Marie-Josée won several recognition awards such as Lang Michener award for the highest grade in the course "Aboriginal Peoples and the law."

She also won the Roy Vincent Dagenais Gour award in recognition for  the highest grade in the course "Civil Procedures".


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